The war is over, a trial begins
“An extremely well-made documentary”
— Wesley Morris, The Boston Globe

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After packing the national stadium for performances in their home country of Sierra Leone, African superstars Bajah + the Dry Eye Crew are poised to conquer the global airwaves with their international debut album (due out in early 2011) and their unique sound, which blends the swagger and funk of hip-hop, the passion and energy of dancehall, and the socially conscious vibe of reggae.

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Original score by Max Avery Lichtenstein

Max Avery Lichtenstein is a film composer whose melodic sensibilities, understated arrangements and creative recording techniques infuse a special character into the movies his scores accompany. His music can be heard in critically-acclaimed films such as TARNATION, THE KING, JESUS' SON, LOOT and FAR FROM HEAVEN. He recently completed scoring BORN SWEET, directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade.

Max is also a member of the band Timesbold and writes and performs his own songs under the name Camphor.

Max Avery Lichtenstein's WAR DON DON soundtrack available at iTunes